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About Us
Rose Hack is UC Riverside's 24-hour hackathon, one of the few women-centric hackathons in California! Founded by the female leaders of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM-W) and the Society of Women Engineers (SWE).
Rose Hack's mission is to encourage individuals from underrepresented groups in STEM to gain experience, create strong networks, and build amazing projects through their shared passions in Science and Technology.
Rose Hack welcomes both undergraduate and high school students for a lively weekend filled with innovation, discovery, networking, mentorship, and so much more!
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Pacific Standard Time (PST)
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Get Involved
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Become a Mentor

Are you passionate about engineering, a seasoned coder, or an aspiring industry professional eager to share your knowledge? Here's your chance to inspire the next generation of people, especially women in STEM and underrepresented groups, looking to be just like you! We at Rose Hack are on the lookout for passionate mentors to guide and support participants! If you are interested in helping us, please fill out the form below!

Become a Volunteer

Are you ready to be a driving force behind groundbreaking ideas and female empowerment in STEM? Look no further! Rose Hack, the premier women-centric hackathon in the Inland Empire, is calling on enthusiastic individuals to join us as volunteers for an unforgettable experience on January 20th-21st, 2024!

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For your hack to qualify as a Beginner Hack, Rose Hack must be the first hackathon a majority of your team has attended.
Social Impact
This project must focus on improving the world by addressing social issues and promoting positive change.
Women Centric
Your project must empower, celebrate, and/or support women in some shape or form.
The project has a clean and easy-to-use interface built with a user in mind. Bonus points for techno/futuristic design.
This project involves the best incorporation of hardware that meshes well with software.
This project involves the best use of data analysis and modeling practices. This includeds creating dashboards, classification, insights, etc.
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Angie Bermudez
Surabhi Tadvalkar
Annabelle Le
Hriyai Srinath
Sneha Panda
David Ryan
Eliot Lee
Laura Canon
Rama Chunduri
Samarth Srinivasa
Yuchen Zhu
Sachin Chopra
Software Engineering
Menthy Wu
Software Engineering
Divyank Shah
Software Engineering



Roshini Rangarajan

Laura Hitt

Madison Juliana Oliva

Yana Padte


Fardin Zaman

Jade Someda

Katty Ramos

Software Engineering

Sean Quiambao

Byron Bhuiyan

Theo Fernandez

Aditi Thanekar

Isabelle Celo

Fuyuki Malahom

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Steve Zhong
Mentor at Techstars
Crystal T
Technical Consultant
Mariam Salloum
Associate Teaching Professor
Qian Zhang
Associate Professor
Elena Strzheletska
Westin Montano
Mika Shanela Carodan
Software Engineer @ Turion Space
Yosuke Inagaki
R&D Engineer at Applied Medical
Rohit Manimaran
Azure Solutions Architect @ MolinaHealthcare
Lisa Chen
PhD Candidate
Shirin Haji Amin Shirazi
PhD Candidate
Karan Bhogal
Graduate Student
Mahitha Sannala
Graduate Student
Abinila Siva
Graduate Student
Lavanya Sharma
Coach at Major League Hacking
Rania Saber
DesignVerse Director
Mariam Golwalla
Previous Citrushack Director
Ashley Tsai
Design at UCR President
Daisy Rojas Garcia
Solar Car President
Paulian Le
Previous Citrus Hack Ops Lead
Alexander Hickerson
IEEE President
Aditi Behera
Former IEEE Robotics Coordinator
Andy Jarean
Gamespawn Project Coordinator
Falak Tulsi
ACM Events Chair
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Rose Hack is the Inland Empire’s first and annual women-centric hackathon taking place January 20-21st, 2024. Our goal is to bring together underrepresented groups in STEM, such as females and people of color, to encourage a unique network and create innovative projects through their shared passion in STEM.
All undergraduates, even if you don’t attend UCR.
Just click on the participant on the website, enter some information, and you’re good to go!
Applications are due on January 19th at 11:59 PM. Don’t wait, click the link in the website to join!
Rose Hack is a completely free event! You will be allowed to attend workshops, listen to some wonderful speakers, and best of all, win great prizes with no entrance fee. 😀
Rose Hack takes place over the course of 2 days from January 20 at 9 AM to January 21st. There are 24 hours for hacking, and the rest of the time will be for judges to go over projects and attendees to check out workshops and speakers.
It will take place in your favorite engineering buildings! It will be held throughout Winston Chung Hall and certain BCOE buildings and classrooms. There will be a comprehensive list of activities and their locations in the final itinerary!
All the more reason to come and experience a hackathon! You can learn from the various workshops, speakers, and mentors, and they can help guide a personal project of your choice if you want!
Just yourself, device of choice (i.e your PC or laptop), student ID, and don’t forget a charger.
No, your project must be brand new and started only once the event has started at 9 AM. It’s your time to start a project fresh and unique to Rose Hack, so get creative and have fun with it!
No, you can work independently if you wish. If you do want to join a team, there is a limit of 4 people per team!
The theme for this year’s Rose Hack is Cyberpunk! The tracks that will be featured for you to make projects for are Beginner Friendly, Social Impact, Women centric, UI/UX, Hardware, Data!
Made with by the Rose Hack team at University of California, Riverside.